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Announcement of acquisition of Sanyu Chikuro (2023/9/19)

We are pleased to announce that a holding company, which is funded by investors including Value Quest Partners, has acquired 100% stake in Sanyu Chikuro (Head Office: Kashiwazaki City, Niigata).

Sanyu Chikuro is a thirty-year-old equipment maintenance company which was founded by three furnace builders, including Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida, the former Representative Director. Based in Kashiwazaki City, Sanyu Chikuro mainly engages in construction of cupola and maintenance of ladles which are used in casting process.

We will lead the process of establishing Sanyu Chikuro’s internal operational rules so that the company will be able to continuously provide maintenance service for the customers at their plants even after the succession. At the same time, we will quest for potential values of Sanyu Chikuro through dialogues with Mr. Yoshida who remains as Corporate Advisor, as well as promote people development.

<Overview of Sanyu Chikuro>

Company Name: Sanyu Chikuro

Representative: Tomofumi Noguchi (Corporate Director & President)

Location: 1-2-20 Tatsuka, Kashiwazaki City, Niigata JAPAN

Establishment: November 1994

Business Overview: Furnace construction work and related services

<Media Contact>

Value Quest Partners Co., Ltd.

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