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Investment strategy


About strategy

Value Quest Partners aims to realize the better society through value-up of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which we believe are the backbones of Japanese economy.  The members of Value Quest Partners have had numerous dialogues with management teams of various companies where we utilized our strengths as analysts such as ability to find potential value, ability to accompany management teams to realize the potential value and ability to forecast earnings outlook/industry trend.  Based on our experience of such dialogues, we believe SMEs are able to create values in the most effective ways through the following methodologies:

Redefinition of their strengths

Visualization of their earnings structure

Reconsideration of their business strategies

Improvement of their productivity through settings of appropriate operational/administrative rules

We believe our methodologies are most effective for SMEs with EBITDA of ~JPY500MM (normalized level at the time of our investment).  Within such companies, our targets are as follows:

Companies which are willing to brush up competitive strengths to prepare for the future industry reorganization

Companies which have expanded the number of products/customers too much and willing to simplify the complicated operations/earnings structure

Companies which have grown on the back of founders’ strong leadership but willing to change the organization structure to aim for sustainable growth

Companies with diverse shareholder base which are willing to change the structure

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