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すずき ゆきお

Yukio Suzuki, CMA

Outside Corporate Director / Observer of the Investment Committee

Mr. Suzuki participates in the Investment Committee as an observer.
He was the 12th Chairman of The Securities Analysts Association of Japan.  He is the CEO Chief Analyst of Belle Investment Research of Japan Inc., wihch he founded in July 2010.
He is also an Outside Director of Systena Corporation (listed on TSE Prime Market), an Independent Director of Ichigo Inc. (listed on TSE Prime Market), an Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of XNET Corporation (TSE Standard Market), an Outside Corporate Auditor of WILLs Inc. (TSE Growth Market) and an Outside Director of Nihonbashi Value Partners.
He has worked as an analyst throughout his career.  He started his career at Nomura Research Institute in 1975 where he covered various industries such as automobile, heavy machinery, steel, synthetic fibers in Tokyo, Osaka and Paris.  He became the Director of Nomura Research Institute in 1996 and also served as a Director of major entities of the Nomura Group, including Nomura Asset Management and Nomura Holdings.

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